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Magnolia Home Paint Colors Are Everything You Never Knew You Needed

Anything Chip & Joanna Gaines put their hands on turns to gold - but in this case, pretty much any color under the sun, but with their signature farmhouse twist. Recently, Joanna Gaines launched Magnolia Home paint colors in partnership with KILZ. And in typical Jo-fashion, every color swatch is better than the next.

Here are five reasons why I think this is the go-to paint brand for your interior.

(Photo Credit: Magnolia Instagram)

Tough & Durable

The partnership with KILZ is essential here because it makes sure the paint is durable and able to withstand the pets, kids, husbands, friends etc. who come through the house. As a staple for many professional painters, KILZ knows what it takes to make a paint withstand daily life. From trim and cabinets to the walls that are adorned with family photos, Magnolia Home’s collection is not your average paint.

Unique Styles

Some love the classic semi-gloss sheen, however, if you want more of a vintage, classic feel to your walls, cabinets, chairs, tables, etc., Magnolia Home offers Chalk-Style paint. Perfect for also transforming recycled furniture, the chalk-style paint can be applied over most existing finishes with minimal preparation, according to the website. Other sheens include Matte, Eggshell and Satin for the interior of the home.

Timeless Hues

There are 11 color families that have been created for the Magonlia Home paint collection and each has a special place in Joanna’s heart. From colors named “Emmie’s Room” to “Ella Rose”, a little of the Gaines Family is always present. The colors are extremely versatile, neutral and there are shades for any project, personality and style. Take a look at the interior collections here.

(Photo Credit: Magnolia Home)

Peel & Stick Samples

Let’s say you hire me to conduct a color consultation for your living room. In the past, I would have to bring over swatches and booklets with color after color, hold the little square up to the wall and see if you can imagine the color. While this is still the method for some paint companies, Magnolia Home went a step further to make it easier for you and me both to envision the final outcome with peel and stick samples.

The samples come in the top 25 Magonlia Home colors and are 8x10 so you can get a true feel for the wall transformation and together, we can make an informed choice. You can see the top 25 colors here.

(Photo Credit: Magnolia Home)

More than the Walls

Color only on the walls is a thing of the past. From cabinets in blues and tans to transformed tables and chair legs dipped in your favorite accent color, the Magonlia Home paint collections can go on more than just the walls. Together we can come up with various color ideas for the items you’d like to transform.

If you are interested in utilizing Magnolia Home, please contact me, and let’s set up a color consultation. There are a lot of color options out there and it can get overwhelming but I am here to help and take that stress off your plate.

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