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Four Ways to Elevate your Home Office with a Zoom Room

With more people working from home, virtual meetings and e-Learning are not going anywhere any time soon. Even at home, it is important to convey a professional image, even if you are in your pajamas on the bottom and a blouse on top. A new interior design trend that has been popping up is called a Zoom Room. These are dedicated rooms that are used to conduct meetings and school virtually.

With Zoom and other web meeting software, coworkers and clients in the meeting generally only see the parts of your from the head down to your collarbone, but they also see what is behind you. That’s where interior design comes into play. Decorating the background of your home office to create a Zoom Room worthy of that big client meeting is a fun and effective way to feel more productive and look professional in the comfort of your own home.

Here are four ways to elevate your home office with a Zoom Room.

Add Greenery

Adding plants on shelves or hanging planters in the ceiling behind your desk not only adds life and color into your background, but some much needed CO2 as well. There are many plants that do not need much watering and care, such as airplants, succulents, a Neon Pathos, or Alo Plant. Do not be afraid to mix and match textures, colors and sizes for depth and get creative with the pot color, sizes and textures.

Art is the New Fashion Statement

Without going to the office or happy hour after work, cute clothing that makes a statement as not as necessary anymore. So, many have turned to their background wall to make them standout. Now, when you think art for the wall, do not put yourself into a box of 8x10 frames or canvas’. A fun wallpaper can be art and you can easily mix and match wallpaper and a canvas from a local artist to create a creative space that is as colorful as it is inspirational.

(Photo Credit: Lulu & Georgia)

Retro & Modern

Maybe you’re used to the open-air offices with ping pong tables and cold brew on tap, but have not found a way to get your home office as creative as your corporate one. An easy and fun way to do this is adding a neon sign that says your favorite inspirational quote. These look fun lit up or off and the glow usually isn’t too much to mess up the lighting of the camera. This is also a great idea for a kids e-Learning space!

(Photo Credit: YellowPopStudio on etsy)

Family Matters

With many schools in California switching to e-Learning through the 2020/2021 school year, it is important to create a space where kids can feel creative, inspired and separated from the house. This means creating a space that they want to go to each morning and a background for their classes that is a reflection of themselves. This can be a chalk-paint wall they draw on, framed artwork that they created themselves, peel and stick wallpaper or a shelf showing off all their favorite toys. A cool background for school these days is like having a new backpack and wanting to show it off.

(Photo Credit: Wallartica on etsy)

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